The Canal Raids

Lancaster ND868......23rd September 1944

Details courtesy of W R Chorley's Bomber Command Losses.


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Reichswald Military Cemetery


F/L S H Jones


F/O J Isaac

Sgt D Levene

F/O G G Bryan

F/S H I Shepherd

Sgt R H Julian

F/S J F W Clarke

F/S K A McLaughlin


Information received from Gerard A. Bekke in September 2015:

There was a collision beween ND868 and LM309.

ND868 crashed at  Ibbenburen, region Schieren, near the farmhouse Bronswick.
Seven crewmembers were buried in a bombcrater and later reburied in Kleve Reichswald.

There was a second pilot. The main pilot, F/L Jones survived and was made a PoW.

LM309 crashed at Laggenbeck near the farmhouse Sommerkamp which was destroyed by the crash. Several crewmembers were originally buried in a small piece of wood near this farmhouse and after the war reburied at Kleve.

In 1982 Gerhard spoke with the farmers from both farmhouses who were eyewitnesses of the crashes.