The Loss of Lancaster JA691

The crew of Halifax EB276 (434 Sqn)



This Halifax took off from Tholthorpe at 2116hrs. After a corkscrew manoeuvre to evade a night fighter the aircraft attacked again almost immediately. Both wings caught fire in the second attack and the order was given to abandon the aircraft in the vicinity of Demmin. Six members of the crew escaped and were made POW. F/S Johnson was last seen standing by the controls but failed to leave the aircraft.


Berlin War Cemetery


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F/Sgt C McI Johnson RCAF



Prisoners of War 

Sgt K W Rowe
P/O J S Armstrong RCAF
P/O C C Gibbs
P/O J G A McPherson
F/S D M J Labelle RCAF
P/O L G Christmas RCAF